About Us

Medbidding is a reliable shopping platform where secondhand medical products are sold. Sellers can offer the products they want to sell for sale through the system. Buyers can quote prices for the products they want to buy through the system.

We have been serving with our team specialized in the medical device sector since 1988. We can support you about secondhand medical devices with our expert engineer team. With our repair service, we ensure the recovery of secondhand medical products. We reduce carbon footprint by offering secondhand medical products to the market. With our sustainable system, we benefit the nature and add value to the economy.

Medbidding provides a reliable environment for shopping. Payment is made to Medbidding by the buyer. The products are checked by the Medbidding team before the purchase is completed. After the products are delivered to the buyer, the seller is paid. The process is completely safe for the buyer and the seller. Since it is an international platform, the audience it reaches is quite large. English and Turkish language options are available.

Thanks to Medbidding, which brings buyers and sellers together, you can buy or sell medical products at the prices you want.